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Melissa Hartzel

Celebrity Skincare Expert

Melissa Hartzel is the UK’s leading celebrity skincare expert. Her mission is to help women enjoy healthy youthful looking skin and to love how they look. She is often featured on TV and has worked with countless top brands and entertainment outlets including L’Oreal, Rimmel, Timeless Beauty, Fox TV, TMZ, Betty TV, BBC, Channel 4, Health & Fitness, That's Life, Take A Break, Look, Bid TV, Price Drop TV, Ideal World, NHS, Mentorn Films, Hasbro, Hewlett Packard,, Boots, Sunday Publishing, Web Videos Ltd, Miss England, Captiva, The Wedding Show, Cyberjammies, Hunkenmoller, Eclectic Motion Media, In Design, Pictures Inc, iStockphoto, Vanity Studios, Impact Models, Red Gate Gallery, VC Media, E.B.C, Miss Top Model, Beauty Call, Fresh Academy, British Hairdressing Awards, Water Aid and Epic Trust.

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