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2023 | 3 min read

2023: New Discovery Reverses Ageing Skin

This breakthrough is unlike anything you’ve seen before: a simple 60 second ritual, you can do at home, which targets the real root cause of ageing skin. It restores your face, neck and jawline, giving you a smooth, young and glowing appearance.

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Celebrity skincare expert Melissa Hartzel recently unveiled a breakthrough new solution for ageing skin.

Until recently this 60 second anti ageing ritual was something which she only shared as part of her advice to major celebrities. But since she decided to go public, thousands of women across the world are now using it and it's been going viral on social media.

We’ve had reports coming in from hundreds of women who have said they experienced “mind blowing transformations” and many said they saw the solution starting to work in under 1 minute.

This solution is giving women dramatically younger looking skin, without the need for expensive treatments, Botox or Surgery.

The simple ritual is so effective because it targets a recently discovered root cause of ageing skin. A tiny ageing enzyme which scientists have linked to increased collagen loss, wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin — especially on the face, jawline, and neck.

“As we age, this ageing enzyme, often nicknamed the ‘Cannibal Protein’, eats away at the structures underneath our skin, such as collagen and elastin, and this leads to the skin losing its elasticity and firmness.” explained Melissa. “But by using this 60 second ritual, you can actually target this ageing enzyme, stop it from eating away at your skin’s precious structures and allow your collagen levels to soar again. This lifts, firms, and tightens the skin, reversing the signs of ageing.

This simple 60 second ritual actually originates from ancient Japan where it was passed down by generations of locals before finally getting the publicity it deserved. It can be done from the comfort of home and by targeting this recently discovered root cause of wrinkles, it can lead to fast, accelerated anti ageing effects that rival even the most expensive anti ageing treatments. Restoring skin to a taut, smooth, and younger-looking state.

At one point in her presentation, Melissa Hartzel explains how almost all the women who tried this anti ageing solution said it made their skin look more youthful. (*Individual results will vary)

This 60 second ritual works for women of all ages too. By targeting the root cause, it can reverse the signs of ageing and give any woman smoother, younger looking skin.

Reporters and researchers have been desperately contacting Melissa with requests for more information on this 60 second anti ageing ritual. Melissa announced that she had produced a short video explaining how it works and how any woman can use it to see younger looking skin.

She released the video to the public soon afterwards, and it went viral in the UK hitting almost 1 million views already.

Based on the comments, the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive. With many viewers commenting to thank Melissa Hartzel for showing them such a simple, effective solution to ageing skin.

The video also triggered fear amongst some cosmetic surgeons, who are concerned this latest leap forward in anti-ageing may make their cosmetic treatments seem less effective and could lead to a large reduction in sales.

As comments from various dermatologists and other skincare experts keep coming in, the evidence of this new ritual’s effectiveness is becoming more overwhelming. We spoke to one dermatologist, Dr. Elena Dinkollariat, from the University of Medicine, who said, “If you want to naturally reduce the amount of visible wrinkles on the epidermis - that’s the outer layer of skin - then this is one of the best ways I have come across in my career”. She continued to say “Don’t do anything else until you’ve watched this short video and listen closely to what Melissa has to say.”

The video sparked some serious excitement, particularly within the dermatology community. More and more doctors continue to come out and support this new breakthrough solution. Dr. Enrizza Factor, a leading doctor at the University of Santo Tomas, said this, “After studying the science it is clear why this solution is so effective. For any woman wanting to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin - just follow the steps - just 60 seconds per day - and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll start to notice changes.”

To discover how you can start using this new 60 second anti-ageing ritual yourself, just click below and watch the video.

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