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Awaken those tired eyes. Replenishes crows feet, eye wrinkles and puffy, tired eyes.

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The Chelsea Laboratory’s Advanced Eye Smoothing Formula is specifically designed to provide intense nourishment deep in the delicate eye area. 

With daily use you will experience significantly reduced eye wrinkles and crows feet. As well as a dramatically healthier, smoother and firmer eye area.

Advanced Eye Smoothing Formula is crafted with a rich formulation of only 100% natural ingredients which work to revive tired, aged looking eyes. It contains 33 scientifically backed ingredients shown to help your eyes retain moisture and improve firmness and elasticity. Giving you back that youthful look and confidence.

By combining one of the best skin care ingredients; Camellia Sinensis with Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil and Essential Vitamins to give your eyes a tighter, fuller and more youthful look. Notice the compliments come flooding in as you say goodbye to Crows feet, eye wrinkles and dry, sagging under eye bags.